Jan. 5th, 2009

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Whoah! Suddenly I have shedloads to knit for people, myself included, and it's gone Christmas. I have more things that need knitting than I have time to do them. OTN I have a pair of socks for a mini-swap on Ravelry, and I need to knit some Earl Grey Green for [livejournal.com profile] knirirr... I've also been trying to find vest patterns, as I'm discovering layering a knitted vest is a *good* thing when we have snows and biting winds. I have one vest I want to make in purpley Rowan 4-ply soft, but then I also picked up some lovely chocolatey 4-ply soft in the sales! I still haven't found something to make with that (and really, I don't want to make the same vest twice) But whilst pootling through Ravelry, I found this vest (Ravelry has a downloadable version in English!) I have a ball of that wool, in that shade. It needs three more, so I thought I'd look idly about online, only to find it discounted by £1.76 on one website... Remembering halfway through ordering that I wanted to look at Purlescence today for their sale, I switched tabs halfway through... to find them selling the same yarn for £3 discount! Result!

Another thought also occurred to me, whilst getting my hand burned for the umpteenth time by spitting food in the cooking (I know, two in one day). I can't use the oven gloves for stirring, ditto teatowels, due to the possibility of catching fire on the gas. So, I have some dishcloth cotton, and a book of handy patterns in different gauges...
I'm going to make a cotton cooking mitten!

Now, if I could only find some brown jeans in a shop...


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