Jan. 14th, 2009

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For a day I've been actively dreading for a while, I've had a nice birthday so far. Lots of emails from kind people who have remembered, a voicemail from one of my students - in Welsh too, I'm all proud! He did use the formal-you, which was odd, but cute :-)
I feel a little guilty bragging about birthday-schwag, but I got some nice stuff. From my middle brother, I got Making Money (I deliberately put off getting the new Pratchetts, so family can have stuff to give me).
My parents got me a lovely shiny iPod Touch! I have to say, I mainly want this for its handbag-sized-computer-ness. Not to mention, if I have a wireless connection to use, I can listen to radio stuff on the BBC iplayer as if it were a portable radio! Totally in love with the shiny gadget.
[livejournal.com profile] knirirr got me some cool stuff - and some silly stuff for camping. Cool stuff = a bottle of Hendricks gin, a Per Una chocolate corduroy cap, and a white gold vintage watch. This is even cooler than it looks - it is an accutron, and so runs by using a teeny tuning fork. For added geekiness, this particular fork resonates at 440hz! I can has "A" on my arm!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone. It's been very cheering.


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