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Goodness. So, I am home from work today. I was meant to be doing college work, but this morning has been a bit overwhelming, so I hope to make a start after lunch.
Overwhelming mainly because of the post. I really, really don't deserve the friends I have. I am humbled, and shamed, and thankful in roughly equal measure.

[ profile] vampire_kitten sent me a bee care package, after my hospital visit last week...

It is full of cute and fun things - DVDs of films I've not seen, a thing to make small fluffy bunnies, sweeties, a light-up rubber duckie (now living on my desktop)... I am really overwhelmed. You shouldn't have, but I am very cuted that you did. Thank you.

Then next, the buzzer rang, and it was someone delivering

It is a baby Dell Inspiron 9. With [ profile] knirirr's skills, this should soon become a Hackintosh ♥
I have this through the good offices of someone on a Ravelry group. I whinged that my third laptop in a year or so had died, and suddenly people were wanting to donate moneys for me to get a new one! It was all so... overwhelming. They raised enough for nearly half the cost of me actually having a new computer, rather than keeping on buying second-hand ones which die.
Whoever says the net is a pernicious influence is evidently being in the wrong places. I'm just going to go into the corner and sob quietly for a bit. I don't deserve all of this. Everyone's just wonderful. I loves you all.
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