Jan. 19th, 2009 08:37 pm
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Well, that was a jolly old barrel of laughs.
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The Library of Congress classmark for "Naval Seamen" is VD.

That is all.
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Oops. I forgot it was Vacation Recall day, until I got to work, and saw the piles of shelving before we'd even opened. I have shelved all morning, and dude, the soles of my feet are actually throbbing. Sheesh.
If I have left a weird/incoherent comment on your blog, it is because my brain is fried and also throbbing, whilst the rest of my body is just stiff and in pain in weird ways. Hooboy.

In knitting news, I have nearly finished my Milk Yarn Vest. I'm at the hardest bit, but then it's just ends to weave in. I've gone mad on the idea of knitting vests recently, which I think is due to the recent (and also upcoming) cold snap, the many different temperatures I have to contend with at and between my workplaces, and a thought that they might look ok on me. I have more in the pipeline. Though there is more knitting that needs to be done sharpish - a woollen bakerboy cap, to keep my head warm, and two-three different sorts of ipod/iphone socks for [ profile] knirirr's and my new toys. Two to be felted, one to be sockwool. Which latter means I need to knit at least one Leyburn sock, to make sure I have enough yarn...
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So. Freakin'. Bored.
What better time to do the "seven interesting things about me" meme for which [ profile] knirirr tagged me. If I can think of seven things; I refuse to promise they are at all interesting...
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Apparently I must tag folks, though don't feel obliged, but it would be interesting to hear from [ profile] peaceful_fox, [ profile] velvet512, [ profile] gylfinir, [ profile] peredur_glyn, [ profile] fu_manchu12, [ profile] mrs_karen_bear and [ profile] pennywren
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I know there are a few readers who want to learn Welsh, or just some Welsh, and in case y'all haven't seen it yet, I found the following Learn Welsh Podcast. I hope they keep it up.
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For a day I've been actively dreading for a while, I've had a nice birthday so far. Lots of emails from kind people who have remembered, a voicemail from one of my students - in Welsh too, I'm all proud! He did use the formal-you, which was odd, but cute :-)
I feel a little guilty bragging about birthday-schwag, but I got some nice stuff. From my middle brother, I got Making Money (I deliberately put off getting the new Pratchetts, so family can have stuff to give me).
My parents got me a lovely shiny iPod Touch! I have to say, I mainly want this for its handbag-sized-computer-ness. Not to mention, if I have a wireless connection to use, I can listen to radio stuff on the BBC iplayer as if it were a portable radio! Totally in love with the shiny gadget.
[ profile] knirirr got me some cool stuff - and some silly stuff for camping. Cool stuff = a bottle of Hendricks gin, a Per Una chocolate corduroy cap, and a white gold vintage watch. This is even cooler than it looks - it is an accutron, and so runs by using a teeny tuning fork. For added geekiness, this particular fork resonates at 440hz! I can has "A" on my arm!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone. It's been very cheering.


Jan. 13th, 2009 11:12 am
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  • Damme. Dewey from unshelved has the same birthday as me almost!cartoon )
  • Related to that, if you are in Oxford around 5.15ish tomorrow, I'd be glad to see anyone pop into the Far From the Madding Crowd for a drink. My bossV has managed to invite the whole of the staff, when I purposely invited only those I get on with best, but never mind. I/we will be there till 7ish, as [ profile] knirirr wants to take me to dinner. Aww. I'm beginning almost to look forward to my birthday, though doubtless something will come and bite me on the arse, it usually does
  • I had an idea this morning, workwise, but have no pad to write on. Scraps of paper are my friend right now.
  • I bought an MP3 album from Amazon on Christmas day, using a freebie voucher. It was The Seldom-Seen Kid by Elbow, this year's Mercury prize winner. Blimey, but it's hauntingly beautiful. Seriously, if you haven't heard it, do. If you only want to download one, then make it "The Bones of You." Fabboo.
  • I don't want to jinx it, but I may be getting an awesome present from my parents this year, due to having guilted them (albeit teasingly) over the amount they spend on my feckless brothers ;-)
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Ooo! I got one of these from [ profile] knirirr's parents for my birthday! Along with some beer. I really, really need to learn to spin properly...


Jan. 10th, 2009 04:02 pm
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I bought more shoes. These ones, in the sale. In my defence, [ profile] knirirr left me alone in a shoe shop whilst he spent an hour in the O2 shop, buying an iphone*, which is dangerous. And they are very comfy, as heels go. But I have far, far too many shoes, and almost nowhere to wear nice ones any more. Woe. I should not have got them :-(
I did manage to find an old, very clean copy of EZ's Knitting Without Tears in the nice bookshop in Banbury, though, for only £3.45, which was a bit of a result.
Mam asked me what I wanted for my birthday. My suggestion of some KnitPicks Options was greeted by the riposte "but we bought you some pink interchangeable needles a few years ago, why do you want more?" Apparently my other suggestion, an ipod Touch, is being investigated. I have guilt for even suggesting something so expensive, though.
ION, I have never seen such a heavy frost. You'd've thought it had snowed. We have bought some nuts to hang out for the birds, who seem extremely cold.

*seriously the cutest, most beautiful bit of kit I've seen in ages
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Blimey. It must be cold. I am craving soup, of all things. Can't get hold of any till Saturday. Bah.
NewWork has found me a standalone radiator, which has warmed the basement up a bit. Though I am still in 2 knitted things, two t-shirt things, a scarf, and fingerless mitts. But I've been able to take my chunky wrap and coat off, so things are definitely on the up.

Not managing to sleep very well at the moment. I can't decide what's causing it - the only new things I've done are a) reading in bed, b) drinking more coffee in the day (for the cold). I think it may be the coffee, boo. Lying awake is boring, more than anything. I'd be not so badly off if I could listen to the radio, but I can't set a "sleep" function on my pocket dab. Ho hum. In the few hours' sleep I have grabbed, though, I've had terribly vivid dreams, one of which involved staging Trial by Jury as a Bollywood film...
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Whoah! Suddenly I have shedloads to knit for people, myself included, and it's gone Christmas. I have more things that need knitting than I have time to do them. OTN I have a pair of socks for a mini-swap on Ravelry, and I need to knit some Earl Grey Green for [ profile] knirirr... I've also been trying to find vest patterns, as I'm discovering layering a knitted vest is a *good* thing when we have snows and biting winds. I have one vest I want to make in purpley Rowan 4-ply soft, but then I also picked up some lovely chocolatey 4-ply soft in the sales! I still haven't found something to make with that (and really, I don't want to make the same vest twice) But whilst pootling through Ravelry, I found this vest (Ravelry has a downloadable version in English!) I have a ball of that wool, in that shade. It needs three more, so I thought I'd look idly about online, only to find it discounted by £1.76 on one website... Remembering halfway through ordering that I wanted to look at Purlescence today for their sale, I switched tabs halfway through... to find them selling the same yarn for £3 discount! Result!

Another thought also occurred to me, whilst getting my hand burned for the umpteenth time by spitting food in the cooking (I know, two in one day). I can't use the oven gloves for stirring, ditto teatowels, due to the possibility of catching fire on the gas. So, I have some dishcloth cotton, and a book of handy patterns in different gauges...
I'm going to make a cotton cooking mitten!

Now, if I could only find some brown jeans in a shop...


Jan. 3rd, 2009 05:52 pm
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So, not Paterson Joseph, then. Bugger.
Sounds as though it might be Russell Tovey...

ETA : someone called Matt Smith, then. Hum. He's got a job and a half to do, hasn't he? Bit young, but I guess we'll see.
I wish it had been the Marquis de Carabas, though.
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We went out to Kenilworth Castle today, on the back of getting a voucher for a 2-for-the-price-of-one entrance to English Heritage properties from a packet of beef mince. It was Bloody. Cold. Kenilworth is mainly ruined, thanks to the iconoclasts of the Civil War 'slighting' it (that is, knocking it down deliberately so that it couldn't be used as a fortress by the Royalists). I do so hate it when cool stuff is destroyed. However, they are in the process of re-doing one of the gardens, following a detailed description left by a 16th century visitor - in the spring there will also be an aviary! So I'd like to go back. In one of the exhibitions, I discovered that Sir Walter Scott had his revisionism with this castle as well, setting Lord Dudley's wife's rather unfortunate death there (she died elsewhere, though the circumstances were indeed rather dodgy, especially as his lordship was after marrying Queen Elizabeth at the time). I spent all day with a brass band earworm, as well - Sir Arthur Bliss wrote a band piece on the theme of Elizabeth's most famous visit to Kenilworth, and though I can only remember the first movement, It's going round and round in my head. I'm sure I bought it on cd a while ago, but I've no idea where it might be.

Glad to be in from the cold, mind. I have made tonight's dinner (chilli), prepared tomorrow night's dinner (butter chicken, sitting in a marinade), I have beer and knitting. Can has new Who nao pls?
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First Creme Egg advert sighting.
Just after an ad for some car advertising "Less Emissions, not less style." We will not be buying that when we come to buy a new car. (if I can find out what it is, I was so incensed at the strapline I failed to pay attention to the brand.)
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We are indeed. Though it's a bit cold, and we may need two hot water bottles tonight.
The afternoon also included coffee and cake chez [ profile] white_hart, who makes the best lemon drizzle ever. It was excellent to see [ profile] lslaw again; [ profile] white_hart and I started talking Knitting at one point, which confused the hell out of everyone else.
We had to leave far too soon, as despite having made two separate supermarket trips today, we had still forgotten stuff, and needed to get to Sainsbury's. We made it at 15 mins to closing (and still forgot a thing, which we had to do without).
I am now wondering whether I can be bothered to stay up to hear tonight's leap second. It might be fun. I'd do the review of the year meme, but my overriding impression of 2008 has been that it's been keich, and I'm glad to see the back of it. I know I said that about 2007 too, so I'm not so hopeful about 2009. I would quite like it to be a bit better than this last year, though, please.
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...will make yarn cakes.

We are now Back Home. Did loads of shopping in P'boro yesterday, and I got some lovely balls of Rowan 4-ply soft in chocolate, which I am marking down for another vest top. I think I like them, and they're good under coats and that. Got some little pressies, including a couple for [ profile] antarra (also, if you're reading this, let me know where you are/that you're ok, I've been a little worried), and some stuff for a miniature swap on Ravelry. More knickers and vests, a tank for my father (!), 2-disc special edition of Sweeney Todd for £5 down from £23, which I thought was rather good, and a bunch of useful usb cables/add-ons for mobiles and pods from a pound shop.
Oh, and [ profile] knirirr was accosted outside HMV by a pair of Mormons who had the name of their church on their badges in Welsh. They were confused when I tried Welsh on them, and more confused when I suggested they might be from Salt Lake City, and perhaps that was why they had the badges. Turned out they used to be posted in Merthyr, which confused me rather, as I don't recall it being the most Welsh of towns.
Which reminds me, I saw my baby bro out in his university hoodie whilst I was home. Bangor university, one of the Welsher of the universities in Wales. He is at the school of music. The shirt read "Ysgol Cerddoriaeth."* I nearly cried. If that wasn't bad enough, when pressed to explain the error, I was told that "That's what it says on the door of the department."
Hell, handbasket, &c &c.

Still, soon there should be [ profile] white_hart lemon drizzle cake. Things feel better after cake, I find.
*There should be a mutation at the beginning of the second word, for the uninitiated.


Nov. 25th, 2008 11:35 am
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Ok, I give up. I'm queueing Calorimetry. No good for outside for me, but I think it'll do to keep my bonce warm indoors.
I swear, it's warmer outside than it is in here.
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Foof. Probably a rash undertaking, but I am knitting some Baroque socks for my MIL's 60th birthday do. The reasoning being, she knits loads of socks, but almost always gives them away because someone has said "oo, those are nice" whilst she's been knitting them, so she has very few pairs of knitted socks. Of course, I'm panicking that these won't be good enough, or that she'd rather have had the wool to knit her own. Still. They are in Malabrigo Sock, Impressionist Sky Blue. They are bloody hard. I am taking [ profile] telynor's lead and cabling without a cable needle (admittedly, much helped by the fact that there are cable instructions for without as well as with!) I am hoping it gets easier with practice. Also, I am wishing that I had taken [ profile] telynor's sage advice and bought me some Addi Lace needles. I suspect it would be foolish to change needles halfway through a sock/pair, however, so I will soldier on.
My "last person on the planet to realise it" discovery of the week is the Eye of Partridge heel, which I am doing on some Charlene Schurch socks in a variegated coral pink wool. I know [ profile] triskellian raved about it last time I saw her, but I think it's the sort of thing one has to do and experience to see the full glory. It shimmers! Bloody hard to keep track, but absolutely worth every minute of it. So very, very pretty. :-D

I are geek

Oct. 14th, 2008 01:46 pm
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One of our readers with whom I am quite friendly, but don't see very often, came in.

I recognised her jumper as one she must have made, because I recognised the pattern from a previous Interweave Knits, the Gathered Pullover. I think she was impressed.

I am such a geek...
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Well, [ profile] knirirr has been antsing after a sock with "a tight pipe*" for a while. When Sock Knitters' Anonymous September mystery sock theme was "orange", it seemed the perfect opportunity.
And it is a very tight pipe.
We could barely get it on. And it is even harded to get off.


On the plus side, [ profile] knirirr did some lovely honey and sesame seed glazed sausages tonight, with mash and balsamic fried onions. Not even the lid coming off the sesame seed jar and pouring half a bottle of seeds on spoiled it. Nom.

*he apparently means the leg when he says that


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