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For a day I've been actively dreading for a while, I've had a nice birthday so far. Lots of emails from kind people who have remembered, a voicemail from one of my students - in Welsh too, I'm all proud! He did use the formal-you, which was odd, but cute :-)
I feel a little guilty bragging about birthday-schwag, but I got some nice stuff. From my middle brother, I got Making Money (I deliberately put off getting the new Pratchetts, so family can have stuff to give me).
My parents got me a lovely shiny iPod Touch! I have to say, I mainly want this for its handbag-sized-computer-ness. Not to mention, if I have a wireless connection to use, I can listen to radio stuff on the BBC iplayer as if it were a portable radio! Totally in love with the shiny gadget.
[ profile] knirirr got me some cool stuff - and some silly stuff for camping. Cool stuff = a bottle of Hendricks gin, a Per Una chocolate corduroy cap, and a white gold vintage watch. This is even cooler than it looks - it is an accutron, and so runs by using a teeny tuning fork. For added geekiness, this particular fork resonates at 440hz! I can has "A" on my arm!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone. It's been very cheering.


Jan. 13th, 2009 11:12 am
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  • Damme. Dewey from unshelved has the same birthday as me almost!cartoon )
  • Related to that, if you are in Oxford around 5.15ish tomorrow, I'd be glad to see anyone pop into the Far From the Madding Crowd for a drink. My bossV has managed to invite the whole of the staff, when I purposely invited only those I get on with best, but never mind. I/we will be there till 7ish, as [ profile] knirirr wants to take me to dinner. Aww. I'm beginning almost to look forward to my birthday, though doubtless something will come and bite me on the arse, it usually does
  • I had an idea this morning, workwise, but have no pad to write on. Scraps of paper are my friend right now.
  • I bought an MP3 album from Amazon on Christmas day, using a freebie voucher. It was The Seldom-Seen Kid by Elbow, this year's Mercury prize winner. Blimey, but it's hauntingly beautiful. Seriously, if you haven't heard it, do. If you only want to download one, then make it "The Bones of You." Fabboo.
  • I don't want to jinx it, but I may be getting an awesome present from my parents this year, due to having guilted them (albeit teasingly) over the amount they spend on my feckless brothers ;-)


Jan. 10th, 2009 04:02 pm
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I bought more shoes. These ones, in the sale. In my defence, [ profile] knirirr left me alone in a shoe shop whilst he spent an hour in the O2 shop, buying an iphone*, which is dangerous. And they are very comfy, as heels go. But I have far, far too many shoes, and almost nowhere to wear nice ones any more. Woe. I should not have got them :-(
I did manage to find an old, very clean copy of EZ's Knitting Without Tears in the nice bookshop in Banbury, though, for only £3.45, which was a bit of a result.
Mam asked me what I wanted for my birthday. My suggestion of some KnitPicks Options was greeted by the riposte "but we bought you some pink interchangeable needles a few years ago, why do you want more?" Apparently my other suggestion, an ipod Touch, is being investigated. I have guilt for even suggesting something so expensive, though.
ION, I have never seen such a heavy frost. You'd've thought it had snowed. We have bought some nuts to hang out for the birds, who seem extremely cold.

*seriously the cutest, most beautiful bit of kit I've seen in ages


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