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I've really mostly been knitting. The major thing I've been working on is this Andean cap with polar bears.
Bonus Polar Bear Close-up:

It was bloody fiddly, but a fun knit. Pattern was from Twist Collective, the Polar Chullo from a year or two ago.
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Thesis done, I technically have unlimited knitting time ahead of me. Technically. But I have saved up a list as long as my arm of stuff that needs doing, so I have no idea what to do next!
I may CO some mitts for work as pragmatic knitting, but what next? Help me LJ!

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On a very rainy day in Coventry, I met these two lovelies. They are alpacas from Toft Alpaca, and where I was was at a very big Wesleyan Methodist church with [ profile] white_hart, where there was Uk Ravelry Day. [ profile] white_hart had agreed to help out with some modelling for the fashion show, so for a while I was wandering round being trodden on in the giant crush of people, looking at the shinies. It was so full! And I kept running into people, sometimes literally.

First out, we were wandering past the stall, when I noticed someone staring at my Rav Name badge. I stared back a bit, and realised it was Quesselchen, my German-Welsh Rav twin! She'd come along to help Jeni at the Fyberspates stall. We chatted briefly, but I had to move on as [ profile] white_hart was needed to be a model. Whilst she was being dolled up, I wandered round some more. I squeezed through a gap, and someone stepped backwards straight onto my toe. The Stepper turned round, and revealed herself to be Ruth G, from Oxford G&S circles! Small world. With her turned out to be Oxford Kitchen Yarns, complete with child in duck trousers. Then, further wandering took me to see Jo, The Knitting Goddess, whom I met on [ profile] telynor's Weird Knitting Techniques session.

Every so often, as well, people would be looking at and commenting on the knits of strangers. Whilst I was at one stall, the jumper I was wearing got deconstructed by someone who wanted to make it, and was pointing out its awesomeness to her friend! Very weird. And kinda nice.

I bought a few things, some for me (such as a skein of sock yarn called Fraoch, from Old Maiden Aunt Yarns; some buttons; a couple of things for my CPaAG Swap Buddy), then went to see the Fashion Show. It was a case of "Victory from the Jaws of Defeat", as one of the authors of A Stitch in Time was drafted in to do the compering, and volunteer Ravellers for the modelling, as people from a local college had pulled out at the last minute). There was much shiny.

After lunch and more shopping, we sat down for tea and a knit. Two people passed, and for some reason I had an instinct that said they were from one of my Rav groups - however, I couldn't remember their names, so I grabbed them, looked wild, and managed to stammer "CPAAG" at them. Thankfully I was right, and they understood, so we had a sit. Stressknitters got tea, and Dreamcatcher showed us her knitted Death of Rats, which was so totally awesome. [ profile] white_hart's friend wot is an editor of Simply Knitting, and is beautiful, came past. [ profile] white_hart was knitting a sock she designed, so her husband (The Press) took a photie of that, then went "squee!" when DoR was pointed out to him, and took that too. The four of us then got interviewed for a podcast by Girl and Dean. Stressknitters' answers were so brilliant, I do hope they make it on! Who else would make a knitted e coli (I am now considering knitted spirochetes for my medical library). I, of course, got totally collared by a random little old lady who was surprised and pleased to see so many "young people" knitting, and stunned that I could knit without looking. Of course, every time she mentioned that, I split my yarn, but hey. She must have said 5 or 6 times that she was going to leave us to it, and then found something else random to talk about. I always get them, I must have a magnet. Still, at least she wasn't mad or angry or anything, and I hope we made her a little happy.
Then we were tired, and went home. [ profile] knirirr made me chilli, and we watched a strange Stephen King film (Cat's Eye). I am seriously falling asleep now, though. Amazing how tired yarn fondling makes you!
gwenynen: A flying bee (procrastination) usual. Had a lovely crafting lunch with [ profile] antarra and [ profile] white_hart, after which I felt really bouncy. The sun shone, and Sally Cinnamon came on on my pod, as I walked up to work. Which was nice.
I have bad startitis. I am going to limit myself to taking only UFOs with me whilst I am at a Bollywood marathon over the weekend, plus the materials for one facecloth in case I decide I hate all my knitting. I have three socks on the go, one that needs finishing asap, and two others with no deadline. I will take an unfinished vest with me, that I really want to do but can't seem to find the time.
But when I get back, I will want to start new things! So, what do you think I should do next?

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Yes, I know I'm procrastinating. I want to be out in the sun!
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I had a lovely day out yesterday with [ profile] antarra. We went to [ profile] telynor's knitting class on Weird Knitting Techniques over at iknit, and it was great fun!
I thought the whole day would be a disaster, as it started very badly. The 7.56 bus just never showed, and with no bus then that would get me in before 10am, I had to drag [ profile] knirirr out of bed to drive me to Oxford to catch the Espress. Which also meant I couldn't get a coffee, cake, and magazine on the way, which made me grouchy.
We got to London in plenty of time, but then couldn't find our way out of Waterloo station. *facepalm* We still made it to iKnit with 20odd minutes to do yarn fondling, which was good.
[ profile] telynor came and bravely took on a rather rowdy class of knitters to learn backwards knitting (truly!), Norwegian purl, and a variety of cast ons. I knew about half the stuff, and it was good to get a refresher on things; new things to me were backwards knitting, Turkish cast-on (which I grudgingly like, though I got rather loose middle stitches), Magic Loop (still vacillating on whether to abandon my socks on 2 circs, but probably not; damned useful to be able to do ML though), and a Channel Island cast on, which I will have to practice - fiddly, but damned nice in two colours.
I did not buy many things, bizarrely - two things I wanted they didn't have, and I just bought some superwash DK for the Yarn Forward mystery blankie. There was the most gorgeous skein of knitwitches kidsilk in a sort of coppery chestnut colour, and I am now kicking myself for not having bought it. I wonder if I call up or email them, whether they will sell me one? It was expensive as all hell, but would make a gorgeously beeish smoke ring.
I even managed to catch some coffee with [ profile] telynor and knitgoddessyarns before my stress at needing to be back at Oxford in time for the last bus for two hours got the better of me. Good fun was had, and I would love to do it again for longer. Alas, they looked at the sample of cotton glace intended for Decimal I brought with me, and declared it "too on the blue spectrum for me", which I rather suspected. Bugger. I may wave it at [ profile] white_hart as well before I admit defeat and sell it (anyone want 10 balls cotton glace, will sell for £25...) I do think they're right.
We left at the right time - on the exact bus that got me into Gloucester green for the 6.45. I got home, and was led up the stairs by the smell of delicious food. [ profile] knirirr had made me a chilli in time for me to get home! It was excellently tasty. There was also watching of The Last Boy Scout, which I did not think I would like, but enjoyed immensely. Bruce Willis is very funny :-)
I did run out of tonic in the evening, which was a shame, but I had a lovely day. *is happy*


Jan. 21st, 2009 12:18 pm
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My sock club package came last night. Which leaves me with a dilemma; I expect to finish my current pair of socks, for a friend, tonight. I need (yes, need) to cast on some more socks. But I have two other socks that are high on my queue, as well as the new sock club socks - a pair called Leyburn for me, from yarn that [ profile] knirirr's mother gave me for Christmas, and a pair called Earl Grey, for [ profile] knirirr... and then there is lovely candy-cane-pink-striped yarn from my club sitting there for me. What should I do?

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I really need a sock icon from somewhere...
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Oops. I forgot it was Vacation Recall day, until I got to work, and saw the piles of shelving before we'd even opened. I have shelved all morning, and dude, the soles of my feet are actually throbbing. Sheesh.
If I have left a weird/incoherent comment on your blog, it is because my brain is fried and also throbbing, whilst the rest of my body is just stiff and in pain in weird ways. Hooboy.

In knitting news, I have nearly finished my Milk Yarn Vest. I'm at the hardest bit, but then it's just ends to weave in. I've gone mad on the idea of knitting vests recently, which I think is due to the recent (and also upcoming) cold snap, the many different temperatures I have to contend with at and between my workplaces, and a thought that they might look ok on me. I have more in the pipeline. Though there is more knitting that needs to be done sharpish - a woollen bakerboy cap, to keep my head warm, and two-three different sorts of ipod/iphone socks for [ profile] knirirr's and my new toys. Two to be felted, one to be sockwool. Which latter means I need to knit at least one Leyburn sock, to make sure I have enough yarn...


Jan. 10th, 2009 04:02 pm
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I bought more shoes. These ones, in the sale. In my defence, [ profile] knirirr left me alone in a shoe shop whilst he spent an hour in the O2 shop, buying an iphone*, which is dangerous. And they are very comfy, as heels go. But I have far, far too many shoes, and almost nowhere to wear nice ones any more. Woe. I should not have got them :-(
I did manage to find an old, very clean copy of EZ's Knitting Without Tears in the nice bookshop in Banbury, though, for only £3.45, which was a bit of a result.
Mam asked me what I wanted for my birthday. My suggestion of some KnitPicks Options was greeted by the riposte "but we bought you some pink interchangeable needles a few years ago, why do you want more?" Apparently my other suggestion, an ipod Touch, is being investigated. I have guilt for even suggesting something so expensive, though.
ION, I have never seen such a heavy frost. You'd've thought it had snowed. We have bought some nuts to hang out for the birds, who seem extremely cold.

*seriously the cutest, most beautiful bit of kit I've seen in ages
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Whoah! Suddenly I have shedloads to knit for people, myself included, and it's gone Christmas. I have more things that need knitting than I have time to do them. OTN I have a pair of socks for a mini-swap on Ravelry, and I need to knit some Earl Grey Green for [ profile] knirirr... I've also been trying to find vest patterns, as I'm discovering layering a knitted vest is a *good* thing when we have snows and biting winds. I have one vest I want to make in purpley Rowan 4-ply soft, but then I also picked up some lovely chocolatey 4-ply soft in the sales! I still haven't found something to make with that (and really, I don't want to make the same vest twice) But whilst pootling through Ravelry, I found this vest (Ravelry has a downloadable version in English!) I have a ball of that wool, in that shade. It needs three more, so I thought I'd look idly about online, only to find it discounted by £1.76 on one website... Remembering halfway through ordering that I wanted to look at Purlescence today for their sale, I switched tabs halfway through... to find them selling the same yarn for £3 discount! Result!

Another thought also occurred to me, whilst getting my hand burned for the umpteenth time by spitting food in the cooking (I know, two in one day). I can't use the oven gloves for stirring, ditto teatowels, due to the possibility of catching fire on the gas. So, I have some dishcloth cotton, and a book of handy patterns in different gauges...
I'm going to make a cotton cooking mitten!

Now, if I could only find some brown jeans in a shop...
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We are indeed. Though it's a bit cold, and we may need two hot water bottles tonight.
The afternoon also included coffee and cake chez [ profile] white_hart, who makes the best lemon drizzle ever. It was excellent to see [ profile] lslaw again; [ profile] white_hart and I started talking Knitting at one point, which confused the hell out of everyone else.
We had to leave far too soon, as despite having made two separate supermarket trips today, we had still forgotten stuff, and needed to get to Sainsbury's. We made it at 15 mins to closing (and still forgot a thing, which we had to do without).
I am now wondering whether I can be bothered to stay up to hear tonight's leap second. It might be fun. I'd do the review of the year meme, but my overriding impression of 2008 has been that it's been keich, and I'm glad to see the back of it. I know I said that about 2007 too, so I'm not so hopeful about 2009. I would quite like it to be a bit better than this last year, though, please.


Nov. 25th, 2008 11:35 am
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Ok, I give up. I'm queueing Calorimetry. No good for outside for me, but I think it'll do to keep my bonce warm indoors.
I swear, it's warmer outside than it is in here.
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Foof. Probably a rash undertaking, but I am knitting some Baroque socks for my MIL's 60th birthday do. The reasoning being, she knits loads of socks, but almost always gives them away because someone has said "oo, those are nice" whilst she's been knitting them, so she has very few pairs of knitted socks. Of course, I'm panicking that these won't be good enough, or that she'd rather have had the wool to knit her own. Still. They are in Malabrigo Sock, Impressionist Sky Blue. They are bloody hard. I am taking [ profile] telynor's lead and cabling without a cable needle (admittedly, much helped by the fact that there are cable instructions for without as well as with!) I am hoping it gets easier with practice. Also, I am wishing that I had taken [ profile] telynor's sage advice and bought me some Addi Lace needles. I suspect it would be foolish to change needles halfway through a sock/pair, however, so I will soldier on.
My "last person on the planet to realise it" discovery of the week is the Eye of Partridge heel, which I am doing on some Charlene Schurch socks in a variegated coral pink wool. I know [ profile] triskellian raved about it last time I saw her, but I think it's the sort of thing one has to do and experience to see the full glory. It shimmers! Bloody hard to keep track, but absolutely worth every minute of it. So very, very pretty. :-D

I are geek

Oct. 14th, 2008 01:46 pm
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One of our readers with whom I am quite friendly, but don't see very often, came in.

I recognised her jumper as one she must have made, because I recognised the pattern from a previous Interweave Knits, the Gathered Pullover. I think she was impressed.

I am such a geek...
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Well, [ profile] knirirr has been antsing after a sock with "a tight pipe*" for a while. When Sock Knitters' Anonymous September mystery sock theme was "orange", it seemed the perfect opportunity.
And it is a very tight pipe.
We could barely get it on. And it is even harded to get off.


On the plus side, [ profile] knirirr did some lovely honey and sesame seed glazed sausages tonight, with mash and balsamic fried onions. Not even the lid coming off the sesame seed jar and pouring half a bottle of seeds on spoiled it. Nom.

*he apparently means the leg when he says that
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There's a rash o' babies. This time, I will be prepared, ho yus. Here is the first of two (identical) one-piece kimonos from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book, done with the giant ball of cotton that [ profile] tinyjo brought back from the States for me.
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Yesterday, [ profile] knirirr mentioned that he had a pocketwatch that needed a baggie, and did I know where a baggie might be found?
Oh, I said, I could probably knit one.
Fulling was initially thought of, but a trawl through Rav didn't produce much I liked.
I got out the Big Roses Tin of Leftover Sockwool. [ profile] knirirr picked a colour. And I knitted a poche. Judy's Magic Cast-on to begin, meant no seaming at all; I put in some yo holes (though not particularly well-spaced, I need to work out how to work that out), I made some lucet cord.
Now the pocket watch has a pocket!
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I am quite amused that spoiler ) is one of the top news stories in Wales on the beeb. Less amused to discover that the chapel where I used to do theory exams and school Christmas assemblies has been gutted by fire.

Knitting news - Kangaroo tells me Kidsilk Night is being discontinued - dammit, surely not? I never got round to getting any. Better do so soon.
Have cast on for my Socktopus sock club sock; reached a bit of a hiccough not understanding where three extra stitches came from on the last round of the first chart, but that's sorted.
I have also knitted more bathmat, but doubled Cotton Rope + 6.5mm needles are rather painful to me, it seems.

World is conspiring to make me permanently angry news - got home last night to find that a computer mouse [ profile] knirirr ordered had been kindly stuffed through the letterbox by the postie in such a way that it was totally stuck. I took photos, but it is damaged. I managed to get it out, too. But so cross - it was damaged by the postman putting it in the box, and of course, then, any passing burglar would know that the flats were empty because of it still being there. I'd ask on TLL about how to complain and who to, but I am frankly sick of when I ask things like this getting snarky "get him to do it himself" "you're crap and unfeminist" comments, and I cba to try and work out a way to lie about it. I suppose also it is Sunday, and there's nothing that can be done on a Sunday.

[ profile] knirirr gets back sometime this evening. I really need to tidy/unpack. Haul brought back from my parents = 1x set top digibox (even though there is no freeview here, our reception is crap, and the once we borrowed a freeview box to see what happened, the picture improved 100%); a gadget for making fire bricks from shredded newspaper (we are hoping to use our household shreddings and see what happens); foam jigsaw pieces from Lidls to block scarves on (£5 - about a third of the cost of ELC ones, w00t).

Apparently Aberystwyth is getting an Aldis.
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So bored. 50 mins to go at work. Then I have to go to fencing, but I am too tired, and my fencing instructor is refusing to let me off for being hungover. Boo, hiss.
I have lots of niggling things that need doing over the next few days. Biggie is doing some more work on the recently frogged restarted chapter four; every time I get worked up to do more, Something Bad happens and all I want to do is curl up and hide from the world. To this end, some sod has added "Ditto to that" under the comment about how we are unfriendly and unhelpful in the comments books. Woo, yeah, &c. I don't know why getting depressed stops me doing my work, but it seems to.
Less Important Things that also need doing - picking up some spinning gear which is stuck in FedEx depot in Banbury; balling a hank of laceweight (gods I wish I had a yarn swift :-( ), which I might do in front of the telly tomorrow night. Hope there is Frost or Taggart. Shopping. Sleep.


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