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Occasionally readers actually apologise for bringing their books in overdue, with fines on &c. My normal reaction to people apologising for things is to say "no problem" or "don't worry about it". But that seems wrong in this case - after all, it isn't OK to bring books in overdue, that's why we charge fines.
So what should I respond to such readers? I don't really want to be horrid, because at least in apologising they're recognising their misdemeanour...

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Oops. I forgot it was Vacation Recall day, until I got to work, and saw the piles of shelving before we'd even opened. I have shelved all morning, and dude, the soles of my feet are actually throbbing. Sheesh.
If I have left a weird/incoherent comment on your blog, it is because my brain is fried and also throbbing, whilst the rest of my body is just stiff and in pain in weird ways. Hooboy.

In knitting news, I have nearly finished my Milk Yarn Vest. I'm at the hardest bit, but then it's just ends to weave in. I've gone mad on the idea of knitting vests recently, which I think is due to the recent (and also upcoming) cold snap, the many different temperatures I have to contend with at and between my workplaces, and a thought that they might look ok on me. I have more in the pipeline. Though there is more knitting that needs to be done sharpish - a woollen bakerboy cap, to keep my head warm, and two-three different sorts of ipod/iphone socks for [ profile] knirirr's and my new toys. Two to be felted, one to be sockwool. Which latter means I need to knit at least one Leyburn sock, to make sure I have enough yarn...


Jan. 13th, 2009 11:12 am
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  • Damme. Dewey from unshelved has the same birthday as me almost!cartoon )
  • Related to that, if you are in Oxford around 5.15ish tomorrow, I'd be glad to see anyone pop into the Far From the Madding Crowd for a drink. My bossV has managed to invite the whole of the staff, when I purposely invited only those I get on with best, but never mind. I/we will be there till 7ish, as [ profile] knirirr wants to take me to dinner. Aww. I'm beginning almost to look forward to my birthday, though doubtless something will come and bite me on the arse, it usually does
  • I had an idea this morning, workwise, but have no pad to write on. Scraps of paper are my friend right now.
  • I bought an MP3 album from Amazon on Christmas day, using a freebie voucher. It was The Seldom-Seen Kid by Elbow, this year's Mercury prize winner. Blimey, but it's hauntingly beautiful. Seriously, if you haven't heard it, do. If you only want to download one, then make it "The Bones of You." Fabboo.
  • I don't want to jinx it, but I may be getting an awesome present from my parents this year, due to having guilted them (albeit teasingly) over the amount they spend on my feckless brothers ;-)


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