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I am quite amused that spoiler ) is one of the top news stories in Wales on the beeb. Less amused to discover that the chapel where I used to do theory exams and school Christmas assemblies has been gutted by fire.

Knitting news - Kangaroo tells me Kidsilk Night is being discontinued - dammit, surely not? I never got round to getting any. Better do so soon.
Have cast on for my Socktopus sock club sock; reached a bit of a hiccough not understanding where three extra stitches came from on the last round of the first chart, but that's sorted.
I have also knitted more bathmat, but doubled Cotton Rope + 6.5mm needles are rather painful to me, it seems.

World is conspiring to make me permanently angry news - got home last night to find that a computer mouse [ profile] knirirr ordered had been kindly stuffed through the letterbox by the postie in such a way that it was totally stuck. I took photos, but it is damaged. I managed to get it out, too. But so cross - it was damaged by the postman putting it in the box, and of course, then, any passing burglar would know that the flats were empty because of it still being there. I'd ask on TLL about how to complain and who to, but I am frankly sick of when I ask things like this getting snarky "get him to do it himself" "you're crap and unfeminist" comments, and I cba to try and work out a way to lie about it. I suppose also it is Sunday, and there's nothing that can be done on a Sunday.

[ profile] knirirr gets back sometime this evening. I really need to tidy/unpack. Haul brought back from my parents = 1x set top digibox (even though there is no freeview here, our reception is crap, and the once we borrowed a freeview box to see what happened, the picture improved 100%); a gadget for making fire bricks from shredded newspaper (we are hoping to use our household shreddings and see what happens); foam jigsaw pieces from Lidls to block scarves on (£5 - about a third of the cost of ELC ones, w00t).

Apparently Aberystwyth is getting an Aldis.


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