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On a very rainy day in Coventry, I met these two lovelies. They are alpacas from Toft Alpaca, and where I was was at a very big Wesleyan Methodist church with [ profile] white_hart, where there was Uk Ravelry Day. [ profile] white_hart had agreed to help out with some modelling for the fashion show, so for a while I was wandering round being trodden on in the giant crush of people, looking at the shinies. It was so full! And I kept running into people, sometimes literally.

First out, we were wandering past the stall, when I noticed someone staring at my Rav Name badge. I stared back a bit, and realised it was Quesselchen, my German-Welsh Rav twin! She'd come along to help Jeni at the Fyberspates stall. We chatted briefly, but I had to move on as [ profile] white_hart was needed to be a model. Whilst she was being dolled up, I wandered round some more. I squeezed through a gap, and someone stepped backwards straight onto my toe. The Stepper turned round, and revealed herself to be Ruth G, from Oxford G&S circles! Small world. With her turned out to be Oxford Kitchen Yarns, complete with child in duck trousers. Then, further wandering took me to see Jo, The Knitting Goddess, whom I met on [ profile] telynor's Weird Knitting Techniques session.

Every so often, as well, people would be looking at and commenting on the knits of strangers. Whilst I was at one stall, the jumper I was wearing got deconstructed by someone who wanted to make it, and was pointing out its awesomeness to her friend! Very weird. And kinda nice.

I bought a few things, some for me (such as a skein of sock yarn called Fraoch, from Old Maiden Aunt Yarns; some buttons; a couple of things for my CPaAG Swap Buddy), then went to see the Fashion Show. It was a case of "Victory from the Jaws of Defeat", as one of the authors of A Stitch in Time was drafted in to do the compering, and volunteer Ravellers for the modelling, as people from a local college had pulled out at the last minute). There was much shiny.

After lunch and more shopping, we sat down for tea and a knit. Two people passed, and for some reason I had an instinct that said they were from one of my Rav groups - however, I couldn't remember their names, so I grabbed them, looked wild, and managed to stammer "CPAAG" at them. Thankfully I was right, and they understood, so we had a sit. Stressknitters got tea, and Dreamcatcher showed us her knitted Death of Rats, which was so totally awesome. [ profile] white_hart's friend wot is an editor of Simply Knitting, and is beautiful, came past. [ profile] white_hart was knitting a sock she designed, so her husband (The Press) took a photie of that, then went "squee!" when DoR was pointed out to him, and took that too. The four of us then got interviewed for a podcast by Girl and Dean. Stressknitters' answers were so brilliant, I do hope they make it on! Who else would make a knitted e coli (I am now considering knitted spirochetes for my medical library). I, of course, got totally collared by a random little old lady who was surprised and pleased to see so many "young people" knitting, and stunned that I could knit without looking. Of course, every time she mentioned that, I split my yarn, but hey. She must have said 5 or 6 times that she was going to leave us to it, and then found something else random to talk about. I always get them, I must have a magnet. Still, at least she wasn't mad or angry or anything, and I hope we made her a little happy.
Then we were tired, and went home. [ profile] knirirr made me chilli, and we watched a strange Stephen King film (Cat's Eye). I am seriously falling asleep now, though. Amazing how tired yarn fondling makes you!
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...will make yarn cakes.

We are now Back Home. Did loads of shopping in P'boro yesterday, and I got some lovely balls of Rowan 4-ply soft in chocolate, which I am marking down for another vest top. I think I like them, and they're good under coats and that. Got some little pressies, including a couple for [ profile] antarra (also, if you're reading this, let me know where you are/that you're ok, I've been a little worried), and some stuff for a miniature swap on Ravelry. More knickers and vests, a tank for my father (!), 2-disc special edition of Sweeney Todd for £5 down from £23, which I thought was rather good, and a bunch of useful usb cables/add-ons for mobiles and pods from a pound shop.
Oh, and [ profile] knirirr was accosted outside HMV by a pair of Mormons who had the name of their church on their badges in Welsh. They were confused when I tried Welsh on them, and more confused when I suggested they might be from Salt Lake City, and perhaps that was why they had the badges. Turned out they used to be posted in Merthyr, which confused me rather, as I don't recall it being the most Welsh of towns.
Which reminds me, I saw my baby bro out in his university hoodie whilst I was home. Bangor university, one of the Welsher of the universities in Wales. He is at the school of music. The shirt read "Ysgol Cerddoriaeth."* I nearly cried. If that wasn't bad enough, when pressed to explain the error, I was told that "That's what it says on the door of the department."
Hell, handbasket, &c &c.

Still, soon there should be [ profile] white_hart lemon drizzle cake. Things feel better after cake, I find.
*There should be a mutation at the beginning of the second word, for the uninitiated.


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