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On a very rainy day in Coventry, I met these two lovelies. They are alpacas from Toft Alpaca, and where I was was at a very big Wesleyan Methodist church with [ profile] white_hart, where there was Uk Ravelry Day. [ profile] white_hart had agreed to help out with some modelling for the fashion show, so for a while I was wandering round being trodden on in the giant crush of people, looking at the shinies. It was so full! And I kept running into people, sometimes literally.

First out, we were wandering past the stall, when I noticed someone staring at my Rav Name badge. I stared back a bit, and realised it was Quesselchen, my German-Welsh Rav twin! She'd come along to help Jeni at the Fyberspates stall. We chatted briefly, but I had to move on as [ profile] white_hart was needed to be a model. Whilst she was being dolled up, I wandered round some more. I squeezed through a gap, and someone stepped backwards straight onto my toe. The Stepper turned round, and revealed herself to be Ruth G, from Oxford G&S circles! Small world. With her turned out to be Oxford Kitchen Yarns, complete with child in duck trousers. Then, further wandering took me to see Jo, The Knitting Goddess, whom I met on [ profile] telynor's Weird Knitting Techniques session.

Every so often, as well, people would be looking at and commenting on the knits of strangers. Whilst I was at one stall, the jumper I was wearing got deconstructed by someone who wanted to make it, and was pointing out its awesomeness to her friend! Very weird. And kinda nice.

I bought a few things, some for me (such as a skein of sock yarn called Fraoch, from Old Maiden Aunt Yarns; some buttons; a couple of things for my CPaAG Swap Buddy), then went to see the Fashion Show. It was a case of "Victory from the Jaws of Defeat", as one of the authors of A Stitch in Time was drafted in to do the compering, and volunteer Ravellers for the modelling, as people from a local college had pulled out at the last minute). There was much shiny.

After lunch and more shopping, we sat down for tea and a knit. Two people passed, and for some reason I had an instinct that said they were from one of my Rav groups - however, I couldn't remember their names, so I grabbed them, looked wild, and managed to stammer "CPAAG" at them. Thankfully I was right, and they understood, so we had a sit. Stressknitters got tea, and Dreamcatcher showed us her knitted Death of Rats, which was so totally awesome. [ profile] white_hart's friend wot is an editor of Simply Knitting, and is beautiful, came past. [ profile] white_hart was knitting a sock she designed, so her husband (The Press) took a photie of that, then went "squee!" when DoR was pointed out to him, and took that too. The four of us then got interviewed for a podcast by Girl and Dean. Stressknitters' answers were so brilliant, I do hope they make it on! Who else would make a knitted e coli (I am now considering knitted spirochetes for my medical library). I, of course, got totally collared by a random little old lady who was surprised and pleased to see so many "young people" knitting, and stunned that I could knit without looking. Of course, every time she mentioned that, I split my yarn, but hey. She must have said 5 or 6 times that she was going to leave us to it, and then found something else random to talk about. I always get them, I must have a magnet. Still, at least she wasn't mad or angry or anything, and I hope we made her a little happy.
Then we were tired, and went home. [ profile] knirirr made me chilli, and we watched a strange Stephen King film (Cat's Eye). I am seriously falling asleep now, though. Amazing how tired yarn fondling makes you!
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I had a lovely day out yesterday with [ profile] antarra. We went to [ profile] telynor's knitting class on Weird Knitting Techniques over at iknit, and it was great fun!
I thought the whole day would be a disaster, as it started very badly. The 7.56 bus just never showed, and with no bus then that would get me in before 10am, I had to drag [ profile] knirirr out of bed to drive me to Oxford to catch the Espress. Which also meant I couldn't get a coffee, cake, and magazine on the way, which made me grouchy.
We got to London in plenty of time, but then couldn't find our way out of Waterloo station. *facepalm* We still made it to iKnit with 20odd minutes to do yarn fondling, which was good.
[ profile] telynor came and bravely took on a rather rowdy class of knitters to learn backwards knitting (truly!), Norwegian purl, and a variety of cast ons. I knew about half the stuff, and it was good to get a refresher on things; new things to me were backwards knitting, Turkish cast-on (which I grudgingly like, though I got rather loose middle stitches), Magic Loop (still vacillating on whether to abandon my socks on 2 circs, but probably not; damned useful to be able to do ML though), and a Channel Island cast on, which I will have to practice - fiddly, but damned nice in two colours.
I did not buy many things, bizarrely - two things I wanted they didn't have, and I just bought some superwash DK for the Yarn Forward mystery blankie. There was the most gorgeous skein of knitwitches kidsilk in a sort of coppery chestnut colour, and I am now kicking myself for not having bought it. I wonder if I call up or email them, whether they will sell me one? It was expensive as all hell, but would make a gorgeously beeish smoke ring.
I even managed to catch some coffee with [ profile] telynor and knitgoddessyarns before my stress at needing to be back at Oxford in time for the last bus for two hours got the better of me. Good fun was had, and I would love to do it again for longer. Alas, they looked at the sample of cotton glace intended for Decimal I brought with me, and declared it "too on the blue spectrum for me", which I rather suspected. Bugger. I may wave it at [ profile] white_hart as well before I admit defeat and sell it (anyone want 10 balls cotton glace, will sell for £25...) I do think they're right.
We left at the right time - on the exact bus that got me into Gloucester green for the 6.45. I got home, and was led up the stairs by the smell of delicious food. [ profile] knirirr had made me a chilli in time for me to get home! It was excellently tasty. There was also watching of The Last Boy Scout, which I did not think I would like, but enjoyed immensely. Bruce Willis is very funny :-)
I did run out of tonic in the evening, which was a shame, but I had a lovely day. *is happy*
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So bored. 50 mins to go at work. Then I have to go to fencing, but I am too tired, and my fencing instructor is refusing to let me off for being hungover. Boo, hiss.
I have lots of niggling things that need doing over the next few days. Biggie is doing some more work on the recently frogged restarted chapter four; every time I get worked up to do more, Something Bad happens and all I want to do is curl up and hide from the world. To this end, some sod has added "Ditto to that" under the comment about how we are unfriendly and unhelpful in the comments books. Woo, yeah, &c. I don't know why getting depressed stops me doing my work, but it seems to.
Less Important Things that also need doing - picking up some spinning gear which is stuck in FedEx depot in Banbury; balling a hank of laceweight (gods I wish I had a yarn swift :-( ), which I might do in front of the telly tomorrow night. Hope there is Frost or Taggart. Shopping. Sleep.


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