Apr. 15th, 2009 07:08 pm
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Dear Mark Steel,

Thank you for talking about my great-great-great-great grandfather on your comedy programme tonight. I have always found you very funny; your book on the French Revolution was fascinating, as was your memoir of growing up as a socialist. I was brought up a socialist, and though I would never be so black and white about my political beliefs any more, I broadly agree with your rants on social justice, or the lack of.

But please, for the love of God, wtf is up with you and the Welsh hating? Tonight's show started with a predictable story about how you weren't in the "scary, English-hating bit" of Wales, and mentions of firebombs and (yawn) The Pub Fallacy. I suppose that could be just the normal regionalist joking to soften up the crowd. But you have form. I heard you on the News Quiz one New Year's Eve, for instance, ranting about the Welsh getting upset about Anne Robinson's anti-Welsh racist comments a few years back. The Welsh are always whingeing, you said, what for, I mean, it's not as though the English have ever done anything bad to the the Welsh, is it? After all, it was only our sovereignty and our language that was destroyed, it wasn't as though we were sold into slavery or anything, what do we have to whinge about?

But see, this isn't a victimhood top trumps, you know? Just because culture X had something worse done to them than culture Y, doesn't mean culture Y should just go "oh, well, never mind, we'll just forget all about that then." Good stuff has inevitably come from "our happy union with the valorous English", but so has bad stuff.
It's easy, though, to take the piss out of the Welsh. After all, you're not allowed to be Anti-Semitic, or laugh at someone because of their colour any more, so you have to have someone to pick on, right? And we're all British, so technically you're just laughing at yourself, really. Sure.

Grow up. Get some wit. Make funnies that don't depend on disparaging someone's culture and language, why don't you? Because that's just as bad as the right-wing upper-class bigots whose bubbles you so often puncture.

Pissed Off Welsh Expat.
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...will make yarn cakes.

We are now Back Home. Did loads of shopping in P'boro yesterday, and I got some lovely balls of Rowan 4-ply soft in chocolate, which I am marking down for another vest top. I think I like them, and they're good under coats and that. Got some little pressies, including a couple for [livejournal.com profile] antarra (also, if you're reading this, let me know where you are/that you're ok, I've been a little worried), and some stuff for a miniature swap on Ravelry. More knickers and vests, a tank for my father (!), 2-disc special edition of Sweeney Todd for £5 down from £23, which I thought was rather good, and a bunch of useful usb cables/add-ons for mobiles and pods from a pound shop.
Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] knirirr was accosted outside HMV by a pair of Mormons who had the name of their church on their badges in Welsh. They were confused when I tried Welsh on them, and more confused when I suggested they might be from Salt Lake City, and perhaps that was why they had the badges. Turned out they used to be posted in Merthyr, which confused me rather, as I don't recall it being the most Welsh of towns.
Which reminds me, I saw my baby bro out in his university hoodie whilst I was home. Bangor university, one of the Welsher of the universities in Wales. He is at the school of music. The shirt read "Ysgol Cerddoriaeth."* I nearly cried. If that wasn't bad enough, when pressed to explain the error, I was told that "That's what it says on the door of the department."
Hell, handbasket, &c &c.

Still, soon there should be [livejournal.com profile] white_hart lemon drizzle cake. Things feel better after cake, I find.
*There should be a mutation at the beginning of the second word, for the uninitiated.


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